Now: working on qbzr
June 30, 2009

As part of a 2 big plans (one  for merging bzr-eclipse and qbzr-eclipse, the other one to create a unified menu for all bzr gui clients, a work in progress that started in bzr-exloprer) I have been working on qbzr and qbzr-eclipse.

This is the current qbzr-eclipse menu

And this is how it’s already looking in bzr-explorer (those black lines are the best way I’ve found to put all menus in 1 image and don’t get lost)

On qbzr I’m working right now in qsend, the code can be found in launchpad.

I’ll be publishing updates with the progress i made in qbzr commands


Hello Bazaar!
October 3, 2008

This is my “all about my Free software Development” blog.

After working for about 5 months in bzr-gedit (Gedit plugin for Bazaar integration) with Canonical support I’ll start working on bzr-pida, to integrate Bazaar on Pida (bzr-pida) and since my previous project didn’t get much attention, the idea is to make it more visible to the comunity by publishing updates in this blog.

In about a week I’ll have a roadmap for the project, so, stay tuned!(?)

Oh, also: