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qbzr: qsend dialog
July 1, 2009

Here I’m sharing a screenshot of the new qbzr Send dialog!

The GUI is ready, now I have to make it to work…

The GUI design was made by Alexander Belchenko, thanks!

qbzr: qsend


Now: working on qbzr
June 30, 2009

As part of a 2 big plans (one  for merging bzr-eclipse and qbzr-eclipse, the other one to create a unified menu for all bzr gui clients, a work in progress that started in bzr-exloprer) I have been working on qbzr and qbzr-eclipse.

This is the current qbzr-eclipse menu

And this is how it’s already looking in bzr-explorer (those black lines are the best way I’ve found to put all menus in 1 image and don’t get lost)

On qbzr I’m working right now in qsend, the code can be found in launchpad.

I’ll be publishing updates with the progress i made in qbzr commands

BzrEclipse: New ignored files dialog
May 5, 2009

I’ve just made this dialog start working!

It’s a GUI for the “ignored” command, but also allows you to “unignore” files!

bzr-eclipse ignored files window

bzr-eclipse ignored files window

It will be ready soon, this week, and then most probably included in the new BzrEclipse build.

SendDialog aproved!
April 21, 2009

After a lot of  cleanup the merge directive for SendDialog was aproved and it will be merged very soon!

If every test goes well we’ll have a new BzrEclipse build tomorrow!

I’m very exited, this is my first big contribution to such a big project!

And it’s only the first!, more are comming!

BzrEclipse send dialog!
April 17, 2009

Hey Community! I’ve been working in bzr-eclipse and now I’m proud to introduce you the new and shyny SendDialog!

BzrEclipse SendDialog

BzrEclipse SendDialog

It’s 90% functional, i’m fixing the last isues now (it does not allow you to set a public branch, so the option “no bundle” is useless) and probably today I’ll do the merge proposal!

The branch where I’m working on this is:

Thanks Guillermo for the great help!

Next release
January 16, 2009


The next bzr-pida release was supossed to be released this week but “it” got difficult so I’ll be working this weekend to have it released ASAP!

I hate missing deadlines!

You can check my progress here: