BzrEclipse unofficial release


I couldn’t contact the official BzrEclipse maintainer these days so I figured out that it is a good idea to learn how to build a BzrEclipse release, so I did it!

This UNOFFICIAL release contains the work I’ve been doing this past month:

  1. Added Ignore option
  2. Added .bzrignore management GUI
  3. Fixed some issues in “send command”
    1. Moved menu item to project menu
    2. Added icon to menu
    3. Moved strings to UITexts

To install, just follow the same instructions explained here:
but use as “Update site”.

I hope to get this merged in trunk soon!!!
Please, remember, this is UNOFFICIAL!!

And give it some tests!

I’m open to sugestions for new features/bug fixes for the my next coding sessions!


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